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Lady Hobbit

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Hello, We are proud to announce our new game called “Lady Hobbit”. Give it a try from here: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit.swf The informations for our game are : Title Lady Hobbit Description Hobbits are the dwarf people who lived in middle earth some centuries back. Now its time to get in to the time machine and dress up this beautiful young lady hobbit. Have fun in dressing her up in style. Category Dress Up Size 700×500 Games http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit.swf Images Zip http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit-images.zip Game Zip http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit.zip Thumbs 300 x 220: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit300x220.jpg 200 x 200: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit200x200.jpg 180 x 135: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit180x135.jpg 160 x 120: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit160x120.jpg 100 x 100: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit100x100.jpg 150 x 150: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit150x150.jpg 100 x 142: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit100x142.jpg 120 x 90: http://games.dressupone.com/my-games/lady-hobbit/lady-hobbit120x90.jpg If you wish to submit your games, please visit the following url: http://www.dressupone.com/submit-a-game Find other games to download: http://www.dressupone.com/games-for-your-siternhttp://www.123kido.com/games-for-your-siternhttp://www.microcookinggames.com/games-for-your-site.html http://www.gamescelebrity.com/games-for-your-site.html Thank you! Fred ** If you wish to unsubscribe, reply to the email and add the following text UNSUBSCRIBE.

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